Incyte Regulatory Newsletter

Apr 22, 2021 | Launch of new publication

The first issue of the IRASS newsletter has been issued this month. IRASS is the Incyte Regulatory Advice and Support Service that was launched last year, specifically to support the needs of regulatory authorities in small and emerging markets. For a modest annual subscription fee, IRASS clients are supported through monthly customised teleconference calls as well as receiving the quarterly newsletter. For more information about IRASS, and to sign up to receive future editions of the newsletter, please contact

The first issue of the IRASS newsletter concentrates on the theme of encouraging investment in infrastructure so as to underpin digital transformation. This is a particularly challenging issue for small nations, where investment per capita is high and for emerging economies where the ability to fund investment is constrained. The four articles, written by Incyte experts, address the business case for 5G in small nations, approaches to infrastructure sharing, co-investment models, and facilitating competition in small island nations.

A full copy of which has been posted on the Publications page of this website.