Incyte team members elected to TelSoc

Oct 29, 2020 | Announcement

On 29 October 2020 three members of the Incyte team were elected to the Board of TelSoc, the Australian Telecommunications Association Inc. (

Jim Holmes was elected as Chairman, Leith Campbell was elected as Secretary, and Matt O’Rourke was elected as a Member of the Board. There are five other industry professionals making a total board of eight members.

TelSoc has served the Australian telecommunications industry as its learned society since its initial formation as the Telegraph Electrical Society in 1874, at the time of the initial adoption and spread of electrical telegraphic communications. Since then the Society has evolved in response to the industry’s growth through successive phases of industry restructuring. The Society has kept industry members informed of new developments in network infrastructure, products and services, regulatory changes, end-user experience and policy issues, through a combination of lunchtime lectures, major industry networking events, and the publication of newsletters and journals, most especially (from June 1935 to June 2013) the Telecommunications Journal of Australia, succeeded by the Australian Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy. A further name change in 2019 to the Journal of Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, reflects the ongoing globalisation of the industry.

Jim Holmes was previously Chairman of the Telecommunications Society of Australia the predecessor organisation to TelSoc, from 2003 to 2006. Together with Leith Campbell and Matt O’Rourke, Jim is delighted to have this further opportunity to serve the industry and to contribute to its development in Australia and globally.

Leith Campbell is the Deputy Managing Editor of the Journal, and Jim Holmes is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board. The Journal is a serious academic peer-review publication that has been published – initially in hard copy and now online – since 1935.

Jim, Leith and Matt believe that it is incumbent on professionals in the industry to share their knowledge and experience and that this is critical for the development of the industry itself and for ensuring that the social and economic benefits are maximised at the earliest time for all.