David Rogerson


David is a leading advisor to regulators and operators with 30 years of consultancy experience. In recent years he has specialized in bringing leading-edge regulatory expertise to developing economies in Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, South America and the Middle East. In many cases, the projects he has worked on have blended into general economic development programmes, and he has conducted numerous training programmes for the ITU, the World Bank and EBRD.

David is a specialist in regulatory cost modelling for telecommunications networks. He constructed the earliest regulatory cost models in the European Union (1989) and the UK (1990-91), and since then he has developed and critiqued models in over 25 countries, covering fixed networks (circuit-switched and IP networks), mobile (2G, 3G and 4G) and access to facilities such as fibre, ducts, towers and submarine cables.

Other recent projects include:

  • Providing wide-ranging support to the telecommunications regulator of the Falkland Islands in topics such as licensing, price caps and quality of service monitoring.
  • Development of a competition management regime for Lesotho, determining dominance and establishing appropriate remedies, through public consultation and training.
  • Harmonisation of legislation in Turkey with the EU regulatory framework on cost accounting, accounting separation and WACC
  • Development of a new policy on licensing and interconnection for Bangladesh
  • International research, advice and regulatory impact analysis in the areas of licensing, service provision, quality of service and spectrum management for the regulator in Brazil.

David has a Bachelor of Art (1st class honours) and a Master of Arts degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University in the UK.