Norfolk Telecom

May 10, 2018 | Work Projects

Incyte Consulting has recently completed a study for the Australian Department of Communications and the Arts on the capacity of Norfolk Telecom (NT) to comply with the carrier licence obligations when the Australian telecommunications regime is extended to Norfolk Island. The study was part of a wider program by the Australian government of extending Australian law to Norfolk Island.

Norfolk Telecom is a very small non-incorporated business operation of the Norfolk Island Regional Council and provides fixed and mobile services to a community of around 1,750 permanent residents.

Incyte Consulting examined the impact of a substantial body of Australian telecommunications and other laws and other legal instruments with which licensed carriers under the Australian regime must comply and assessed the capacity of NT to comply with current resources and with various levels of assistance or exemption. We expect the Department to take the outcomes of the study into account when planning in detail for the extension of the Australian telecommunications regime to Norfolk Island.